Different blog, different subdomain

I’ve never been keen on the free WordPress.com sites – no personal domain name, adverts on the site and limited functionality compared with WordPress.org site (with their wide range of plugins). So, I have a self-hosted blog, using Siteground’s excellent services, with the domain name fitzgibbonphotography.com (for obvious reasons).

However, the wish to keep all my study courses on a single blog (for ready reference), using a personal domain name has not been without challenges:

  • I’m now on my third level one course and it seems to be a preference of the assessors to have blogs separated so there is no risk of confusing material from different courses, even if separated in menus.
  • Setting up the menu structure to keep the course material separate within the same blog is a little fiddly and requires extra work.
  • There is the nagging concern that marks will be lost if the assessor find a more complex menu structure frustrating.

Before setting up my blog for this Identity and Place blog, I looked into the use of subdomains – this blog uses identity.fitzgibbonphotography.com – so identity is the subdomain. These are really useful because:

  • There is no need to purchase or register a separate domain name.
  • You can create as many subdomains as you need.
  • In the cpanel of your host, you simply use the subdomain icon to set up an new folder on drive.
  • You then make a separate WordPress install to the subdomain and you are immediately ready to set up and configure your new website for your new course.
  • You have a consistency in your domain name throughout your websites.

What’s more Siteground offered as a goodwill gesture to move my previous courses (in the fitzgibbonphotography.com root folder) to the new subdomain context.fitzgibbonphotography.com. So, I now have fitzgibbonphotography.com available to use for my own profile building purposes.

So my old blog (EYV and C&N combined) will shortly disappear from its current location  and will be found only at context.fitzgibbonphotography.com.

I wish I’d know all of this when I started EYV!

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