Reflection – my square mile

Here I think back on the very first assignment in the OCA Level 1 course,  My Square Mile, and about what the area selected means to me. The featured image is taken from the original work.

Reflection always has a perspective; from where we are viewing when we are looking back. We see things as they relate to our present place in space and time – as this changes, so does our perspective. I sit in a hotel room in Bangkok, towards the end of a two week business trip away from home; with the viewpoint of looking forward to being at home.

The photos in the project are from around my home, an old farm house in Yorkshire, a place that is worlds apart from Bangkok in many different ways. Looking at the photos, I want to be home in the quite of the countryside, away from the noisy city; in my own house, away from the plush luxury of the the hotel; in the cool air; away from the stifling heat of Thailand.  The work reminds me of nature, my family, the English countryside, the English weather.

However, I have enjoyed Bangkok and the contrast to my square mile. A 24 hour city that never stops, with life crammed into every corner. It is different, it has been an opportunity to meet different people, to explore and photograph the unfamiliar in my spare time.

I enjoy both the strange and the familiar. The challenge of the new and the reassurance of the habitual. In my square mile, I am at home; from my current view point, I am enjoying an adventure. There is always more than one point of view. It is my mood, rather than my identity that shifts with different backgrounds.


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