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I was pleased to again have one of my photos featured in the Big Issue (12-18 September 2016 ed.) as part of the OCA’s partnership with the magazine (see C&N blog for previous feature). The photo is not one of my favourites, but it does offer an interesting point of view of the famous Fountain’s Abbey in North Yorkshire.

The featured image was part of an experimental exercise in seeing how far I could work with jpgs straight out of camera, including minimal editing if needed. In this case quite some adjustment was need to lift the deep shadows and the quality of the image suffered in the process. My current practice is now to shoot in RAW only for this type of situation and reserve jpg only for more casual occasion with friends and family. I’ve since learn to reduce the processing time I need for RAW images, which has influenced this choice. I regret not having a RAW file to work with for the Big Issue photo, though it caught some attention regardless.


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