A2 – vice versa – rework


My original submission is here, including details of my process, and my tutor’s feedback, along with my reflections on it are here. I have re-engaged with the selection of photographs and reconsidered the selects following the feedback received. The gist of the feedback was that not all of the photographs encouraged curiosity about the subject – some were a little predictable and more time reflecting on the selections could have improved the series.

In retrospect, there are a couple of lessons:

  • The final selections were a little rushed as I was keen to submit the assignment prior to a two-week business trip to Africa when I’d only have poor internet access. I will avoid this self-generated pressure in future.
  • As well as preparing images for the assignment, I’d promised my volunteer model a selection of photographs as a ‘thank you’. While I intended to keep the two selections completely separate, considering both aspects in parallel muddled my choices for the assignment.

Apart from the reselected photographs, all other information relating to this assignment remains unchanged – please refer to original post here.

Reselected photos

Two of the original photographs remain and three have been replaced.

Click on images to open larger versions in separate window.

Rachel #1
Rachel #2
Rachel #3
Rachel #4
Rachel #5

See original assignment submission.