A3 – Window (revisited): for peer review

Following the useful feedback I received on my previous draft series for this assignment (see here for previous photos and brief explanation of assignment), I’ve put in a few more hours in the virtual editing room.

The purpose of this post is to request and then summarise feedback on two potential series for the assignment submission; one is in colour, following a feedback suggestion, and another is updated in black and white – still my preference as my intention is to show emotional content above visual information.

Please leave any comments in the OCA forum and I will update this post with an anonymised summary. If you are not using the OCA forum, comments on the blog below are also appreciated.

Please note that the jpegs here are not at full resolution.

Series 1 (colour) – click to open larger slideshow.

Series 2 (monochrome) – click to open larger slideshow.

Feedback received

I showed the photos to the choir on an iPad during after rehearsal beers – the monochrome was a clear favourite, with a feeling that it better captured the mood and intensity of the rehearsals. However, the colour version was also enjoyed for its ‘warmth’. The process of talking through the photos, also helped me gain a fresh perspective on the sequencing and content, which I have made some adjustments to in the final submission.

There was some very interesting feedback and discussion on the OCA Discuss forum, particularly around the choice of colour or monochrome and the importance of sequencing. There was no consensus about the colour vs monochrome, but I am mindful that two very experienced contributors strongly favoured colour. However, I have chosen to use monochrome and explained my choice in the final submission.

2 thoughts on “A3 – Window (revisited): for peer review

  1. Hello Andrew,

    These are really good and I particularly like the monochrome set – they seem to me to have a much more atmospheric feel to them and remind me of the mills and the moors and Wuthering Heights and so on!
    Well done and good luck , I hope you get the result you want.
    All the best,
    Charles. (2nd tenor).

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