A3 – tutor feedback

As usual, useful and encouraging feedback was received from my tutor (PDF of assignment feedback). A few points for action noted:

  • Revisit some of the other stronger images in the contacts to explore the possibility of an edit that tells more of a narrative about the community spirit. I will look at this separately and update the final submission if the edit is stronger.
  • I believe that you should be making a decision over b/w or colour before you shoot a project and not shooting in colour and then converting to b/w at a later stage. I don’t fully understand this comment – with digital RAW it is shot in colour (even if one is thinking in black and white) and of necessity converted to b/w later. I will explore this point through the OCA forum.
  • Recommended photographers to look at:
    Ed Van der Elsken (Love on the Left Bank): https://www.theguardian.com/artanddesign/gallery/2011/feb/10/love-on-left- bank-in-pictures [accessed 25.2.17]

I’m familiar with this work and own a facsimile copy of the original book. I reference the work as part of the IAP course in the context of the text and image (see post here). The style of shooting is close-up and intimate and I appreciate how this type of approach would have given a very different feel to my choir shots. It was a deliberate decision to shoot from more of a distance to not disturb the choir practice unduly and also to avoid the men becoming too self-conscious before the camera. However, noted as something to experiment with in future shoots – a range of POVs and approaches.

Klaus Pichler (Golden Day…). http://kpic.at/images/5244 [accessed 25.7.17]
Source: www.kpic.at by Klaus Pichler

This work shows the locals in an old-style Austrian bar through a variety of shots. The work is very effective in capturing the atmosphere in the bar and the characters of the customers. It shows what can be done with a variety of POV, while maintaining a consistency in the edit.