A4: Approach to shoot and photo book creation

I approached the shoot with just the mood of the text in mind, rather than the details of the narrative – this was to avoid the temptation to directly represent the descriptive writing with photos. The contact sheets are here.

The creation of the photo book was somewhat tortuous. As well as the overcoming the technical challenges of producing a book for online viewing (‘flipbook’) in LR’s book module (see here), the selection process to combine image with text felt twice as perplexing as coming up with an edit of images alone.

After initially using snippets of text to go alongside the photos, I found that this not only destroyed the narrative in the writing, but also created a direct connection between the photos and text, suggesting they were meant to be illustrative of the text; even forcing me to make some kind of direct connection. Therefore, I eventually decided to include the full text, which has created a layer of ambiguity, rather than discord. An alternative would have been to exclude the text completely, but then there would have been no intercontextual ambiguity.

In Lightroom, I experimented with various layout options and making of background colours to the darker colours in the images create confusion between the boundaries of image and page. The text pages are over-layed on an opaque water shot, which also features as a stand-alone image. I’ve also included small abstracts of images on the text pages, designed to confuse.

Below are the pages from the first edit of the photo book, as standalone jpeg files.


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