A4: Feedback on 1st edit

I requested feedback from the OCA community on my first edit flipbook (here). The feedback offered many aspects to consider and I note the main points here, along with thoughts on how I will use the feedback to shape the next iteration of the book:

  1. Textual content – general feeling that there was too much text and it distracted / confused the impression of the photographs. Suggestion that two versions of the book could be prepared – one in which the text was just hinted at, and other in which the text would be shown clearly, without being over-laid on an image.  I’ll focus on the photo-orientated version and discuss a text-focussed version with my collaborator.
  2. Commented that sidebar on WordPress site was a distraction (taking up too much real estate). Addressed by changing to full width theme.
  3. Too hectic a pace in the book – should be slowed down (eg blank pages) and allowed to unfold like a ‘Scandy drama’.
  4. Some comments lead me to realise I was diluting the output by trying to make the work serve two purposes (paper and screen) – a printed book, but also something that could be displayed online in this blog – and compromising both output forms. I will re-work with the focus on a paper book and then think how to give an impression of that book on the blog. Noted that there would be production difficulties attempting to reproduce the dark screen background in a paper output. One commentator mentioned how it is surprising how much the analogue format of books is used for online replication when there are other options available that suit digital better and make better use of the possibilities of the medium.

So overall, it is back to the drawing board with the creation of the photo book. On the plus side, the images were generally well received.

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