Visit to Orkney photo archive

During my research visit to Orkney (during the week of 17th April), I visited the Orkney Photo archive housed in the public library in Kirkwall. I was hoping to find an out of copyright image of HMS Royal Oak that I might use in a photographic composite and I’d been directed to the archive by the curator of the Scapa Flow Visitor Centre on Hoy, which is a naval museum.

There was a good collection of photos, but it was not clear which were taken when the ship was on WW1 active service and which were of her in her harbour defensive role in WW2, by this time being too old and slow for modern sea warfare. For my purposes of an artistic representation of a ‘story not told’, historical accuracy was not necessarily important and I arranged for digital copies to be made of a couple of images. The first image is a dramatic shot of the ship on the move, whereas the second captures a candid moment – this struck me as unusual in among the collection, which were often formally posed and I suppose controlled for propaganda purposes.

The archive photographs:


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