Note to assessors

Thank you for examining my work. A few words on my blog and what you will find in the submission back.

  • The blog menu structure follows the OCA standard menu, with one modification. Within each assignment menu there are two sub-menus: final and preparationFinal is an overview for assessment, containing the images and a brief artist’s statement. Preparation contains everything else related to the assignment, including the tutor submission and feedback and details of any rework.
  • Password – exercise 3.4 is password protected (provided to OCA assessment team).
  • Prints – the pack contains prints of the final images for assignments 1, 2 and 3.
  • Book – assignment 4 is presented as a book and a hardcover version is included in the pack.
  • Video – assignment 5 is presented as a video with a sound track. A the video and link is embedded in the assignment blog post. I include it again here – Example prints are included in the pack for information, but are not the principal means of dissemination.